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About Me

"Self portrait" oil on canvas 2009

Born in Connecticut, Fleury Rose focused on painting, drawing, and Illustration through childhood, highschool, and college. She has studied many mediums, and developed an expertise and love for water color, and oil painting, as well as ink drawing.

She graduated with a degree in visual fine arts in 2009, and made the move to Brooklyn, NY almost immediately after. Fleury knew since she was very young that the city is where she would end up.

Fleury founded her popular nail blog "fleuryrosenails" in 2010 due to an overwhelming response to her nail designs, and the encouragement of friends.
Since then Fleury has been building her nail empire. She is currently Working at Tomahawk Salon in Brooklyn, by appointment only.
Fleury’s work has been featured in, Teen Vogue, Paper magazine, (to name a few) and countless nail, and beauty blogs. She also works with a number of young model, artist, and stylist clients who love her fresh, bold take on nail art.

“Fresh, Original, Bad Ass Nails for the People!”